Frequently Asked Questions

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Global Health Teams is a non-profit corporation staffed by volunteers.  GHT provides medical care and healthcare related support and education to under served and marginalized people throughout the world.  Our United States Tax ID number is 91-1317037.  We are also incorporated and registered as a charity in the State of Washington. Learn more about the history   of GHT.

GHT Board of Directors and participants are all unpaid volunteers.   Please visit the Upcoming Trips    page of our website for more information about our volunteer needs and schedule.  If you do not want to be on a team, we also need help with fundraising.  Please contact us    for more information.

No, GHT is not a religious organization.  Although we partner with a Catholic parish to help provide medications and referral care at the Leon clinic, our missions are strictly medical. GHT serves all patients in need.  We provide care to everyone regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, gender or sexual orientation. There is also no requirement for patients or volunteers to attend religious services or receive religious information.

To find out more information about volunteering with us Click Here

We need help with Marketing and Fundraising here in the US and have flexible volunteer opportunities.  Contact us for more information.

Donations of cash are always welcome and no amount is too small. Your cash donations help us to fund our medical clinics and purchase the supplies that work best in our clinic. During the PayPal confirmation process, you may list a specific purpose for your donation or say it is donated in someone’s name for a gift. Click Here  to donate securely!

Because of the logistics  associated with shipping to Haiti, we do not typically accept donated supplies or equipment. We want to make sure that whatever supplies and equipment we take are appropriate for use in Haiti.  We also want to make sure they can be used effectively and safely in an austere environment.

To support the local economy, we purchase as much as possible for our clinics in country.

If you do have supplies or equipment that are in good condition and within their expiration date, please Contact Us for consideration.

Please see our What’s It Like  page for more information.

It takes money to operate our clinics and host teams in Haiti. GHT receives absolutely no government support. We also do not have the support of large philanthropic foundations!  This means that we’re only able to do our important work because of the generosity of our individual participants and donors.

Similar to other organizations (like Habitat for Humanity), participant deposits help to cover some (but not all) of these costs. We use additional donated funds to help cover the costs that participant deposits do not cover.

If you do not want to pay the deposit, we have a very easy fundraising option you can use instead.  We have had many people successfully use this method to cover their deposit, doing everything on-line via email and social media.

Another option which can be used to cover the participant deposit is a financial assistance grant.  Participants may apply for a grant to cover their deposit through the Making A Difference Foundation.

Make sure your routine vaccinations are up to date.  Remember to get your annual flu vaccination.  It is important to check your vaccination status in advance of your departure.  Because some vaccines require more than one dose,  you may need extra time to get all necessary vaccines.  Visit the US Centers for Disease Control Travelers’ Health page for current recommendations specific to Haiti for vaccines and malaria prevention.

Bug protection is extremely important during the day and night.  We suggest using insect repellents with at least 20% DEET or Picaridin.  When sleeping, we strongly recommend sleeping in bug tents or under bug nets.

No. We cannot accept medicines originally prescribed for others for use at our clinics. We have a defined medication supply list for our clinics.  This list is based on our approved protocols, World Health Organization essential medicines list and local availability. Not all medicines prescribed in the US are appropriate for use at the clinic.

The main Leon clinic is run by local staff year-round.  We work with local staff to provide more specialized care and treat more patients when larger teams are in country.  Additionally, GHT provides education on best practices for the local medical and nursing staff.  We also provide infrastructure and other support to keep the clinic running.

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Donations are always welcome and no amount is too small.  GHT is all volunteer with no paid employees and receives no government support.  We also do not have backing from large philanthropic organizations.  We rely on donations to continue our important work!

Sponsor a volunteer

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Our volunteers are required to pay a deposit to cover housing and transportation while in country. Your sponsorship can fund a deposit for a volunteer who would otherwise not be able to participate on our team. For more information sponsorship, please click below ...


Global Health Teams members are all unpaid volunteers. They donate their time to support the team and the communities we serve.



You may designate a specific purpose for your donation or say it is donated in someone's name for a gift.