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Three Haitian Girls. Global Health Teams - Haiti Medical Volunteer
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Global Health Teams alleviates suffering and improves the lives of people in need by delivering quality compassionate healthcare, support and education.

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Want your money to help people that really need it and not pay for administrative overhead and salaries? There are different ways you can support us! We are all volunteer! Your donations go to providing valuable medical care, not overhead.

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We offer great short-term opportunities to care for people in need. GHT takes care of in country logistics and organization. This allows you to focus on providing medical care and services to people in great need.

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In addition to supporting clinics in Haiti, GHT has also provided medical care in the United States and internationally. To help others improve their practice, we provide healthcare education and publish our research findings.

Video Walkthrogh of Leon Haiti Clinic. Global Health Teams - Haiti Medical Volunteer


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GHT has a long history of working in disaster stricken areas and developing countries providing medical assistance to people in need as well as healthcare related training.


GHT provides education for all team members on providing effective patient care in challenging, austere and culturally diverse environments. We also work to educate local staff on best practices in medical and nursing care.


GHT collaborates with local health partners to provide better patient care and integrate with the local medical system. We share the data we collect at our clinics with local government agencies and other healthcare partners to help improve healthcare in the Grand'Anse province.


GHT strives to provide consistent care for patients at all sites through the use of standardized treatment protocols. We also work to share those protocols and educate other groups about the importance of standardized, culturally competent care.


In addition to providing care at the Leon, Castillon and Abricots Haiti clinics, GHT also provides medical outreach to outlying communities, schools and orphanages.


GHT provides clinical laboratory services at the Haiti clinics. We also provide referral testing to local healthcare organizations for lab tests otherwise not available in the Grand'Anse province.


GHT provides patient education and on-going management of chronic diseases such as diabetes and hypertension.