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If you want to volunteer with a group that has made a lasting impact, Global Health Teams offers that opportunity. We have been working in the Grand’Anse province of Haiti since 1998. We provide medical care in several locations and are well connected in the region. We take care of the logistics so you can focus on providing medical care.

Haiti Volunteer

Our Haiti volunteer teams are made up of people with different medical specialties and experience working in a variety of settings.

Are you concerned you have never worked in a developing country? We assemble our teams so that we place experienced volunteers on a team with new Haiti volunteers.

On each team, we have a mix of physicians, nurses, NPs/PAs, clinical lab workers, paramedics, and EMTs. We welcome a variety of physician specialties because of the range of patients we see. Everyone has a role on the team: from intake to treatment of patients to working in the lab or pharmacy.

We want our teams to be prepared! GHT provides extensive written information with details about the trip far in advance of departure. We also have medical guidelines and other clinical information providers can review ahead of time. In addition to written materials, we also have pre-trip conference calls.  A few weeks before departure, the calls are scheduled with each team.  They are held with the teams to review  travel plans, safety, security and our medical guidelines. Additionally, we have training on cultural issues and clinic operations after arriving in Haiti.

People who are interested in volunteering with us often have many questions about travel, lodging, safety and working at the clinic. Because we have been working in Haiti for twenty years, we have a well established system of travel and clinic operations. We provide orientations in advance of the trip as well as after arriving in country.

Each Haiti volunteer team meets in Miami and travels together through Port au Prince to the Grand’Anse province.

Teams travel in country in land vehicles as well as small planes (when available).  A designated leader who is experienced working in Haiti oversees the teams when. At all of our clinic locations, the teams stay with local hosts who provide clean drinking water and safe, home cooked meals. (Please keep in mind that rural Haiti is an austere environment.)   The teams spend the evenings together, reviewing the events of the day and preparing for the next day of clinic.

GHT provide medicines, clinical lab and ultrasound services at the clinic.   Medical providers work with a local interpreter and see about 40 patients a day. The clinics generally operate from 8AM to around 5:30 PM Monday through Friday.

Haiti Volunteer
Haiti Medical Volunteer

Each trip allows providers to re-connect with why they decided to practice medicine. Very few people go into medicine to work on an electronic medical record or negotiate with insurance companies. People desire to help others and connect with humanity– that is exactly what happens at our clinics in Haiti. We encourage you to consider volunteering in Haiti with GHT. Please contact us for more information about the Haiti volunteer experience.

To help you prepare, we have developed extensive guidelines based on our years of experience working in the area. You work along with local staff and interpreters. Our teams consult each other and work together to help provide the best care possible for our patients.

The team leader organizes all lodging, travel and other in country logistics. Safety is a top priority for GHT. Safety and security is covered in detail as part of our pre-trip orientations and in country training.

Haiti Volunteer

Sponsor a volunteer

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Our volunteers pay a deposit to help cover the cost of transporting and housing them while working in country. You can sponsor a volunteer and cover the cost of their deposit. This is a great way to help someone volunteer at our clinics that may not otherwise be able to afford to go. If you would like to find how you can sponsor a volunteer, please email us at ...


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